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Teaching The Truth

Sep 23, 2023

"What we need is help, - help powerful, efficient, constant: we need a very present help in trouble. What a mercy that we have it in our God. Our hope is in Jehovah, for our help comes from Him. Help is on the road, and will not fail to reach us in due time, for He Who sends it to us was never known to be too late....

Aug 26, 2023

"There are the 'ways" of men, and the 'ways" of God; the 'paths' of sin, and the 'paths' of righteousness: there are Thy ways, and there are my ways; Thine the ways of truth, mine the ways of error; Thine which are good in Thine eyes, and mine which are good in mine eyes; Thine which lead to heaven, mine which lead to...

Aug 5, 2023

"A Christian is always in danger, and therefore should ever be on the watch; but the danger is greater at some times and under some circumstances...If a Christian would be secure, he must be on his guard; and the more his danger, the greater vigilance is needful for his security." (Matthew Henry)

Jul 13, 2023

"In the great spiritual transformation experienced by every believer, there is a twofold and coincident operation - the putting off of the old and the putting on of the new; there is an act of renunciation and unclothing and an act of reception and investment. This change is complete; it pervades the whole man, ruling...

Jun 11, 2023

"There is something very agreeable and desirable in ease. Yet, strange as the declaration may appear, this tranquility is too common; and to disturb it should be our design. For your peace may be a false peace. Before an earthquake, the air is uncommonly serene." (The Biblical Illustrator)