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Teaching The Truth

Mar 18, 2023

"As obedient children. An invariable characteristic of all Christians. The divisions between God's children and the children of this world turns on obedience to God." (The People's New Testament Commentary)

Mar 7, 2023

"Let others lift up their souls to vanity, I will dare to be singular, I will lift up my soul to Thee." (The Biblical Illustrator)

Feb 8, 2023

"Those who have God for their Savior, Protector, and Guide, have no reason to fear, but may walk through life and through the valley of the shadow of death unmoved by the enemies and dangers that may surround them." (Family Bible Notes)

Jan 31, 2023

"They seek Him with their whole heart. They do not seek themselves and their own things, but God only; this is that which they aim at...He is, and will be, the rewarder, the reward, of all those who thus seek Him diligently, seek Him with the heart, for that is it that God looks at and requires; and with the...

Jan 6, 2023

"Men spend years of study in seeking the solution to a mathematical problem, in perfecting a mechanical instrument, or in verifying a scientific discovery. A whole lifetime cannot be better spent than in seeking after God. Such seekers make the grandest discoveries, and confer the greatest blessings on the world."...