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Teaching The Truth

Mar 30, 2019

"Many are inclined to preach, but the Psalmist was inclined to practice; many are inclined to perform ceremonies, but he was inclined to perform statutes; many are inclined to obey occasionally, but David would obey alway, and, alas, many are inclined for temporary religion, but this godly man was bound for eternity, he would perform the statutes of his Lord and King even unto the end. Lord, send us such a heavenly inclination of heart as this: then shall we show that Thou hast quickened and taught us." (Treasury Of David) Are you having problems obeying the Lord in a certain area? Is God requiring something that you are finding to be very difficult at this time? You have not because you ask not! Ask for an inclination! God wants to help you to where your obedience is easy and a delight!