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Teaching The Truth

May 19, 2016

In the olden days, a czar in Russia, was crazy enough to build a great palace upon the ice-blocks of the Neva River. When the spring came, and the foundations melted, the palace sank beneath the river. You may roll your eyes at this story, but you need to ask yourself - "Am I, like the Russian czar, building parts of my Christian life upon 'ice-blocks' not realizing that drastic 'changes' are coming upon the world? The "scornful men in Jerusalem" made "lies their refuge." But, what about you - when you "build your refuges on vain hopes, creatural affections, earthly possessions, or other false things"? (Alexander MacClaren) God promises that, if you will allow Him to "lay His foundation" in every area of your life, you will have no cause for alarm when the storms come...not be moved when troubles come...nor be filled with nervous apprehensions about the future of Christianity. Are you at that place yet? What have you not surrendered to Jesus?