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Teaching The Truth

Feb 2, 2019

"The peril of the godly life is drifting into ease and indifference; the doing of religious duties as mere routine; the meeting of religious obligations listlessly and without heart...We must not rest without energy and activity in the religious life. A formal obedience should be as distressing to us as it is to God." (The Pulpit Commentary) Where are you today in your Christian walk? Have you drifted into ease and indifference? Are you doing your Christian duties as mere routine? Are you meeting your Christian obligations listlessly and without heart? Are you giving God a formal obedience? Are you crawling when you should be running? "Progress and improvement are every man's duty. It is not right to remain as we were, or as we are. We ought to be all the time gaining and growing in experience and attainment and grace. It may be to our shame that we are just where God put us, and that we have just what God gave to us." (The Biblical Illustrator)