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Teaching The Truth

May 12, 2018

"Man is a creature of strong affections. His feelings cling round the objects of his choice like ivy round a tree. Through sin, these affections are misplaced. He loves the things which he should hate, and hates the things which he should love; forsakes the true God, and pursues lovers of his own. He must love, he will worship something; 'that I may win' is the desire of every soul. Wealth, honor, position, and learning are eagerly sought, loved for their own sake, and for the sake of what they are thought to give. Thus men are seeking happiness where it cannot be found..." (Preacher's Homiletic Commentary) In this particular broadcast (and final episode on "Seeking The Lord"), we will do something different. We will look at examples in the Bible of those who "sought not the LORD." Then we will look at some of the things people did seek after when the LORD was not in the picture.