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Teaching The Truth

Aug 2, 2014

Many times, when we are faced with trials, God is after something in us. He desires change. First and foremost, He goes after our "tendency to control" - that tendency to want to be in control...figure things out...and deliver ourselves. In order to break that off of us, He directs us into circumstances that are totally out of control. When we find ourselves living on the "end of the earth" street and our "hearts are overwhelmed, " it is then that He would have us plead with Him to "take the reins" and "lead us to the Rock that is higher than I." In the times that we are presently facing, we can no longer live life as usual. God is calling us to a "higher place" in Him. In fact, being in this "higher place" is the only way that we will "survive" in this unstable world.