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Teaching The Truth

Feb 9, 2019

"It is the mark of a growing Christian that in his view Christ increases; the mark of a great Christian that to him Christ is very great. Augustine, Bernard, Leighton, Rutherford, Owen, Martyn - were these great Christians? And what had they in common? Large and admiring thoughts of Christ...A great Christian is one to whom the Lord has given 'largeness of heart.' " (The Pulpit Commentary) Secretariat - the American thoroughbred racehorse - was able to break all records and run at phenomenal speed because he had an enlarged heart. That's the way God wants you to run for Him - to obey Him. The secret of your speed, power, and progress will be the enlargement of your heart. When God enlarges your heart, you will have no problem running for Him at breakneck speed - like Secretariat - breaking all records.