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Teaching The Truth

Jan 20, 2016

"Our days on this earth, at best 70 to 80 years, are few when compared to eternity. We should pray for a sober understanding of the brevity of our lives so as to present to God a heart of wisdom in how we use each day He gives us. This life should be a preparation for the next life, and we should determine what God wants to accomplish for Himself, our families, and others through our faithful service. When our time here is over and we reach heaven, how we lived or did not live in dedication to God will be evaluated. In that light, we must pray for a heart of wisdom, a righteous fear of God, and God's favor in our lives and in our work for Him." (Life In The Spirit Study Bible) Time is a precious trust that we have from God. Every moment must be looked upon as a precious grain of gold. "God works in Moments." (Great Texts Of The Bible) Are you "numbering your days" aright? Do you have a "heart of wisdom"?