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Teaching The Truth

Mar 16, 2018

"God's all-seeing, all-piercing eyes scrutinize the whole human race. Is there one who shows discernment in thought and act, one to whom fellowship with God is the highest good, and consequently that after which he strives? - this is God's question, and He delights in such persons, and certainly none such would escape His longing search." (Keil & Deliitzsch Old Testament Commentary) In this broadcast, we are continuing the theme of Resolutions in our new series entitled - "In The Beginning Was The Word." In this particular broadcast, we will once again cover the subject of "Seeking The Lord" as we deal with Resolution #13 as found in Psalm 14:2 which says - "The LORD looked down from heaven, upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God."