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Teaching The Truth

Nov 26, 2014

"God is light." That is the message. That is the substance of all that JESUS said. That is the Grand Message of the Gospel. That is the principle on which the happiness of man depends. Do you understand that "message"? Do you understand that God can never do anything but what is right? How about when you are facing...

Nov 14, 2014

"Assemblies that worship God in spirit and in truth are the Israel of God; assemblies that either worship false gods, or the true God in a false manner, are the synagogue of Satan: though they may profess to be the only people of God, their profession is a lie." (Matthew Henry) There is a "church of the living God"...

Nov 7, 2014

Words have power! They have the power to set you on your course for life. But they also have the power to throw you off course! So many of God's people find themselves "off course" - either because of their own words or someone else's. Many have been ruined by an ungoverned tongue. Have you?