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Teaching The Truth

Feb 25, 2020

"What is the great aim and destiny of my being? Why was I ever born? Why am I preserved to this day? Why am I redeemed? Why am I furnished with all my powers and capabilities? Is it for time, or for eternity? Whether it be for time or for eternity, what is the focus of my being? - its sources, its essence, its design,...

Feb 13, 2020

"None but the Creator can give a man a new heart, the change is too radical for any other hand. It would be hard to give a new eye, or a new arm, but a new heart is still more out of the question. The Lord Himself must do it." (The Biblical Illustrator)

Feb 1, 2020

"A man may be ignorant of mathematics, astronomy, and geology, without suffering much; but to be ignorant of God, the chief and highest good, is to rob ourselves of happiness and expose ourselves to death." (Preacher's Homiletic Commentary)