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Teaching The Truth

Apr 5, 2024

:"The Holy Spirit speaks to us concerning sin, righteousness, and judgment. If we ignore His voice, our hearts will increasingly grow hard and unyielding until they are no longer sensitive to God's Word or the desires of the Spirit. Commitment to truth and to righteous living will no longer be a priority, but we will...

Mar 2, 2024

"The danger is ever present: 'lest at any time.' It is an exhortation to the Church today, lest the seed of the Word should fall on stony ground. It would bear no fruit, for the fowls of the air come and devour the seed. By careless living, the same fate that threatened the Early Church could befall us. For...

Feb 10, 2024

"God is our maker, our preserver, and the giver of all our mercies. On Him we ever have been and must be dependent for all good, and to Him we should be habitually devoted." (Family Bible Notes)

Jan 18, 2024

"It is easy to lose our vision. It is so easy to permit time to crowd us, to become so busy in the affairs and the cares of this life, even in the work of the Lord, that we lose our vision of Who JESUS really is. How careful we must be that we do not lose that first touch, that first love, that first sweet,...

Dec 3, 2023

"No matter how great or many the dangers may be, yet God always has ways to deliver His." (Geneva Bible Footnotes)