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Teaching The Truth

Jan 8, 2019

"Some give to God a careless service, a sort of hit or miss obedience. but the Lord has not commanded such service, nor will He accept it. His law demands the love of all our heart, soul, mind, and strength; and a careless religion has none of these." (Charles Spurgeon) "God has never given a commandment, the observance of which He knew to be impossible...and to whatsoever He has commanded, He requires obedience; and His grace is sufficient for us. We must not trifle with God." (Adam Clarke) Are you giving God a "careless service"? Are you giving Him a "sort of hit or miss obedience"? Are you aware of the fact that God requires obedience? How do you perceive obedience? Do you see it as a negative thing or as an avenue into your blessing?