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Teaching The Truth

Feb 16, 2018

"He is the LORD, Who changeth not. It is still true today and ever will be true. He will be found by those who seek Him with their whole desire." (Gaebelein's Annotated Bible) In this broadcast, we are continuing the theme of Resolutions in our new series entitled - "In The Beginning Was The Word." In this particular broadcast, we will once again cover the subject of "Seeking The Lord" as we deal with Resolution #10. Although all our past resolutions stemmed from the Book of Psalms, and dealt with the character of David, in this broadcast, we will examine King Asa - as found in 2 Chronicles 15 - and see how he - like David - responded to God's command to "Seek the Lord." Prayerfully, through this study, you will have a greater understanding of what it means to do just that - "Seek the Lord."