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Teaching The Truth

Oct 31, 2018

"Mr. Moody says: 'There is much more said in the Bible about praise than abour prayer. The Psalms are nothing but praise, and as David got nearer the end of the journey, he seems to have thought of little else. So it is with Christians - the nearer they get to heaven, the more they praise God." (The Biblical Illustrator) David was resolved to "sing praise" to God. Whenever he did, God filled his eye with His Greatness and his heart with His Faithfulness. David said that "singing praise" was a "good thing." Barnes' Notes said - "A gloomy mind makes all things around more gloomy: an unthankful mind is an unhappy mind; a murmuring, complaining, dissatisfied mind makes its possessor wretched, and all around miserable." But "singing praise to the LORD" is the most cheering and enlivening occupation. It is not to be an occasional exercise. It is to be the regular business of our lives.