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Teaching The Truth

Jan 25, 2019

"The great end of religion is active obedience to the will of God. True understanding of our ways brings the grand conclusion - that man's 'way ought to be God's way.' We are forgiven in order to this." (The Pulpit Commentary) Are you aware of the fact that the great end - the bottom line, the conclusion, the target, the resolution - of Christianity is active obedience to the will of God? Not passive obedience! But active obedience! Not to self will or the will of man! But active obedience to the will of God! Do you have a true understanding of your way? Do you understand that your way ought to be God's way? You can get to the "great end of active obedience." I offer you two (2) directives as found in God's Word. Listen to this challenging message to find out what they are!